temporary care

Louis Academy offers temporary childcare services for families who need flexible options.

Children will be supervised by hoikushi (certified nursery school teachers) and will be able to join all regular classes and activities.


From 1 to 6 years old

Care Day

Monday through Friday

(except for school holidays and Japanese national holidays)


8:30 – 18:00

Childcare Fee

JPY 1,850 / hour


JPY 700

  • Childcare fee is calculated in 1 hour slots.
  • Extension care is available for the same fee.
  • The childcare fee includes snacks.
  • The lunch is available from baby food stage 3, adapted to all allergies. Please order lunch when childcare time crosses between 11:30 – 12:30.
  • For reservation, please reserve before the morning of the day before. (For Monday, by previous Friday morning).
  • For registration, please submit the registration form below.

What to bring

  • Copy of the medical insurance (健康保険証 けんこうほけんしょう)
  • Clothes (Top & Bottom)
  • Diapers (if necessary)
  • Water Bottle

Enquire for temporary childcare service