Nobles (5-6)


Nobles at Louis Academy have completed their ascent to the status of prominent learner, all the while acquiring the necessary skill set for absolute success in Primary school. Our program supports Nobles as they complete their mastery of literacy and other pertinent academic foundation areas. We continue to challenge our Nobles with “Primary-esque” classes in English, Maths, Science, Health, Values, Art, Japanese, and more. Fostering the final steps of development and reinforcement of physical prowess, social skills, and cognitive learning, in this manner guarantees an amicable transition for our Nobles to Primary school.

Language and Literacy Development
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to discuss a variety of topics
  • Make individual class presentations about books read and topics learned
  • Write small reflections about personal experiences
  • Read elementary graded readers, discuss contents of the story, and write a mini book report
  • Take a position on a subject and verbally defend their stance with supporting facts
Physical Development and Coordination
  • Serve as captains, team leaders, and assistant coaches of organized sports activities 
  • Assist younger classes to finalize their plans for health and safety rules for the school and classroom
  • Assist to lead, monitor, and provide feedback to younger children in the practice of basic safety and emergency response routines
  • Play, explore, and experiment outdoors
Imagination and Creativity
  • Assist in the planning and decoration of the school for key festivals and events
  • Utilize acting skills to assume lead roles in a school theatrical productions
  • Write and follow recipes to make culinary dishes with personally grown ingredients. 
  • Explore a variety of musical instruments
  • Read and follow basic musical notes
Cognitive and Executive Development
  • Tell time using both digital and analog clocks 
  • Identify, count, and write numbers up to 1,000
  • Perform complex addition, subtraction, and basic multiplication and division
  • Utilize personal knowledge and experience to set and test hypotheses during scientific experiments, and then take action based on found results 
  • Explore the concepts of environmentalism, cultural diversity, health consciousness, and altruism. 
  • Successfully lead the school to develop a plan for a multistep charity project and carry it out
Social and Emotional Development
  • Serve as ambassadors for the school by welcoming guests and assisting new students to transition comfortably to the Louis Academy Knights 
  • Routinely share, take turns, and interact with others in a helpful and respectful manner, and encourage others to do so as well
  • Demonstrate the ability to take responsibility for their actions and apologize for wrongdoing, and assist others to mediate their conflicts
  • Recognize and appreciate the similarities and differences among people, appreciate diversity, and encourage others to do the same
  • Take time to reflect on their experiences and feelings through both meditation and journaling

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