Knights (3-4)


Now that they’ve explored a little bit of what the world has to offer them, Knights at Louis Academy are ready to charge forward into the next venture of their cognitive, physical, and social development. Louis Academy Knights are passionate and strongly motivated to conquer the acquisition of knowledge required for this age group. Our Knights Program supports this drive for conquest with phenomenal lessons resulting in a tremendous level of growth that will foster improved communication, social skills, and physical ability.

Language and Literacy Development
  • Engage in conversation on a variety of topics with adults and children, and apply basic rules of English and Japanese grammar in speech
  • Identify all letters of the alphabet and their corresponding phonetic sounds for all upper cases and lower cases. 
  • Write their name independently and trace all letters of the alphabet, as well as numbers 
  • Begin to identify sight words and start working with entry level graded readers
  • Engage in a classroom presentation about a treasured object during “Show and Tell”
Physical Development and Coordination
  • Fully master toilet training and all self-help skills such as changing clothes, hand-washing, teeth brushing, changing shoes, and utilizing a variety of utensils
  • Identify and name healthy and unhealthy foods
  • Participate in organized sports such as football that require both coordination and teamwork
  • Actively practices and discusses basic safety and emergency response routines
  • Play and explore outdoors
Imagination and Creativity
  • Create detailed 2-D and 3-D works of art inclusive of people, animals, places, and things
  • Follow recipes to make culinary dishes with personally grown ingredients. 
  • Assume the role of a specific character during imaginative role-play 
  • Repeat more complex melodies and rhythm patterns while engaging with music
  • Create their own games with well-defined rules for participation 
Cognitive and Executive Development
  • Verbally identify basic and complex shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and categories, and sorts objects according to these characteristics
  • Identify and count numbers up to 50
  • Identify all letters of the alphabet and their corresponding phonetic sounds for all upper cases, and some lower cases.
  • Participate in scientific experiments led by teachers and discuss things that are observed
  • Challenges basic addition and subtraction computations utilizing a variety of math manipulatives, math-based role-plays, and digital resources
  • Follows instruction to complete multi-step tasks with three or greater steps
Social and Emotional Development
  • Talk with both adults and peers about their feelings, ideas, and opinions
  • Seek out the company of others and form a relationship with them
  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve social disagreements with some adult support
  • Express a variety of emotion through both play and role-play

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