Careers at Louis Academy

Careers at Louis Academy

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Louis Academy Knight. We pride ourselves on hiring like-minded, qualified and cohesive teachers who have a genuine love and passion for education. In order to qualify to become a Louis Academy Knight, you must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Teaching Qualifications

All applicants for teaching positions need to have a teaching degree from a four-year institution, such as a Bachelor of Education, in addition to a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience and a professional teaching certification.

Community First Orientation

All applicants are expected to internalize a community first orientation that enables them to consistently choose individual sacrifice for the greater good of the Louis Academy community as a whole.

Role Diversity

All applicants are expected to be comfortable with and actively seek opportunities for role diversity within the school. As a small school community it is essential that we all collaborate together on a wide variety of tasks in order to ensure the collective success of our community. We believe in taking pride in the totality of all that we are at Louis Academy, rather than simply focusing locally on our individual roles.

Peer Mentoring

All applicants are expected to demonstrate a deep commitment to professional development both within themselves and others. At Louis Academy this practically takes the form of an extensive Peer Mentoring program, in which staff serve as resources for one another’s professional development. At Louis Academy we have a collective vision for our success that we want each and every staff member to play an important and active role in.

We are currently accepting CV's for the following positions:

  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Primary School Teachers
  • Japanese Houikushi Teachers
  • Japanese Language Teachers
  • Kokugo Certified Teachers

In order to be considered, prospective candidates should submit the following:

  1. CV with recent photograph
  2. Letters of Recommendation
  3. Digitized diplomas, transcripts, credentials, current visa, passport, and employment verification letters.
  4. Criminal background clearance

We welcome applications from highly qualified individuals at all times.