Moral and Social Development

Moral and Social Development

Louis Academy "Valiant Knights"

One of the ultimate goals of Louis Academy is to create a “home away from home” environment that is deeply entrenched with morals and values. It is simply not enough to provide a child with a world-class academic education. We must also develop them as human beings so that they are prepared to deal with the diverse challenges that life will present them. We aim to develop children that not only make their parents proud, but also positively inspire those around them. We adopt a variety of programs to help us achieve this noble effort.

Knights Code of Chivalry

At Louis Academy all students are engaged in regular values education through our “Knights Code of Chivalry Program,” which identifies one moral code or social value each month that will become the focus of our school environment. Children explore and practice these moral and social values through specialized projects, stories, role-play, and community experiences.








Giving Thanks








Random Acts of Kindness


Environmental Awareness






Community Involvement



Knight of the Week Program

Every week at morning circle time homeroom teachers will select one student in their homeroom that has displayed exemplary effort or behavior. This student will be called up in front of the school and the selecting teacher will explain why the student has been chosen. Selected students will then have their photo placed on the “Knight of the Week” board in recognition of their efforts. This program is to recognize and encourage positive behavior both inside and outside of the classroom.

Bright Knight of the Month Program

This program is closely linked with our “Knights Code of Chivalry” program as well as overall academic and behavioral performance. Every month, two students will be recognized for extraordinary effort and will then be named “Bright Knights of the Month”. These students will have their photo taken and placed on the Bright Knights of the Month Board and will be awarded a reading book by the Principal.

Guild Award System

Each classroom will be equipped with a Guild Award System, which is used to visually track positive behaviors of students such as: random acts of kindness, helping others, showing thanks, using kind words, cleaning up, academic development, following classroom procedures etc. This system will be used to encourage, recognize, and reward positive behavior both inside and outside of the classroom.  

In these systems students receive points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors. Points are tallied on a daily and weekly basis as students work cohesively with their teammates to win prizes. These systems must be consistently utilized throughout the entirety of the school day. 

We reward:

  • At the start of each day
  • At the successful completion of a procedural transition
  • For random acts of kindness
  • For exemplary use of good manners
  • For exemplary effort to help others
  • For academic excellence

Community Involvement

At Louis Academy, we strongly feel that the best way to develop children with a social conscience is to get them involved with giving back to the world at a young age. All Louis Academy students must participate in annual community involvement projects. Whether it be raising funds to supply schools in impoverished nations, responding to disasters, or helping the environment, Louis Academy cares and wants to help.

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