Now accepting applications of children
over the age of 1

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Now accepting applications of children over the age of 1

Contact us for more information

Now accepting applications of children over the age of 1

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Message from the Founders

Welcome to the Louis Academy! We are pleased to announce that our new facility is open for business and that we are the first International school in Japan to have an after-school program that is included as part of your child’s education here.

At Louis Academy, native English-speaking teachers and Japanese licensed support teachers work together in creating a bilingual environment. Our teachers are committed to our values of respect, compassion, honesty, fairness, and responsibility so that they may provide your child with the best education and care.

Through our program, your child will learn the values of different cultures, arts and sciences in a nurturing environment that promotes independent thinking. We provide a wide range of hands-on activities that develop academic skills while enhancing social skills. In our after-school program, your child will be taught by specialist teachers so that they may develop appreciation and perhaps discover a life-long passion. The after-school program includes activities such as dance/ballet, physical activity, music and language.

Every day your child continues to develop in many ways – physically, socially, emotionally, in language and literacy, and in cognitive skills. We want to offer your child as many activities as possible so that they can become individuals that are independent, open-minded, and able to immerse themselves in the growing international community.

We hope that you will discover that Louis Academy is a place where your child begins their journey in becoming a confident, creative and forward-thinking individual. We look forward to having your child’s incredible life journey begin here.

Thank you,

-Mika Suzuki

The Louis Academy Mission

To help develop, encourage, and build children’s confidence, creativity and skills needed to immerse into the growing international community.

why learn TLC phonics?

“TLC Phonics Program will teach your child to read through music. Music is a great tool to tell stories, memorise information, and share thoughts and feelings. The TLC Phonics Program is great for beginning readers, struggling readers, and ESL learners! The program encourages a lifelong passion for reading and helps your young students succeed!”

Our Values


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that children are capable and competent with absorbent minds who have the right to be nurtured, respected in an environment where they can learn critical thinking. We believe that children can construct knowledge by hand-ons participation with materials and guided exploratory play based on scientific methods (hypothesis, test hypothesis, analyze and draw conclusions). We believe in promoting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development for each individual child. Our teacher’s responsibilities are to observe, document and provide ongoing assessment of individual children and the classroom as a whole to use as a basis of curriculum planning with keeping true to Louis Academy values. Our mission, values and philosophy cannot be successful without the collaboration and communication between families and teachers to support the development of the child.

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